Use Short-Form Videos to Create Unlimited Attention for Your Business

“Record-shattering news! Just hit 1 million views on my first TikTok video!!!

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There are lots of common myth about short-form videos. I’m here to help you BUST THEM ALL DOWN so you can get customers to your front door on autopilot!

Myth #1: My audience doesn’t use TikTok (or Instagram, or YouTube, etc)

If you have a business, there’s an audience for you. Period. (Just ask Kristen, a Spanish teacher who’s grown her TikTok channel to more 674k followers.)

Myth #2: Videos are too Hard

If you can send a text you can use TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube. Students with all levels of technological abilities have successfully CRUSHED these platforms with ease.

Myth #3: Vidoes Take Too Long

If you have 5 minutes a day to scroll Facebook or browse Reddit, you have more than enough time to create a massive following on social.

Myth #4: These Platforms Always Needs New Content

While it’s true that you need to post regularly, you DO NOT need to create new content. You should absolutely repost videos to get the most possible reach!

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Used one takeaway from yesterday. Posted 30 minutes ago. Almost 3,000 views now!


“If you’re not doing this, you’re losing money.”

– Rocio Arroyave
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“The video that Colton had me make got ranked #1 for that keyword which is mind- boggling!”

– O’tion VanOhm,
Empowered Healers Academy

“…I thought YouTube was going to be overwhelming …but Colton demonstrated the EASE of getting ranked on YouTube in a short period of time!”

– Brandon
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